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I am an aspirant of knowledge. I have interest in Philosophy, Business, Stock Trading, and Philanthropy.

I am very proud of the lineage to which I belong. From Sri Rama in the distant past to Sri Ramakrishna in the recent past.  I am really proud to have born in a country which has attained to highest moral, ethical and spiritual perfection.  I am indebted to all the great spiritual men of our country who have time and again set our country in the right direction.

Of all the things that I have come across, the most interesting and elevating has been the thought of divinity of man and universal oneness as taught by our scriptures in the past and Swami Vivekananda in the 19th century. Contributing to world peace is one of my main objectives.

I am an Engineering graduate and I run a small business by name Karthavya IT Solutions which provides services in the IT Sector.  I am also a Managing Trustee of Swami Vivekananda Indian Revival Movement, an NGO in its early days.



Prabhu Datta

Dear brother, Naveen, it was a joy to read your blogs. Kindly make it possible to meet when you visit Bangalore. A reply would be most appreciated.


Sure Sir,

Thanks for the comments. Currently I am in Bengaluru. I will be leaving for Rishikesh on Thursday. Not sure if we can meet.


Hi Naveen,

I bow down to the divine SOUL within you _/_

My name is Vikram. I stay in Bengaluru. I went through your blog on YVFA and got thrilled that I got selected for this wonderful program and eagerly waiting to attend it.

Before heading to Rishikesh I would like to meet you personally.

Kindly let me know your free time and personal number if you don’t mind.

My email id is: vikramcl@yahoo.com

Thanks & Regards,


I have replied to your email.


deaR sir plz giv ur mb no.. i would like to spk to u regarding d yvfa course t q


Namaste and congratulations on your new book. I am a devotee of Thakur and am from California. I would like to speak with you about a film I am making on Swamiji and his mission in the West.
Please let me know if we can speak one day


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