A misleading program called JetPrivilige


Jet Airways runs a program called JetPrivilege with lot of promises. But I find it to be outright misleading.

Suppose I want to book a flight to Varanasi from Bengaluru on 7th July 2017, if I use Cash Payment, then the fare is 4317

Suppose I need to use JP Miles to buy the same ticket, I need 18000 miles


Now the catch, Jet Airways wants you to purchase JP Miles.  Suppose I want to buy 18000 JP Miles so that I can fly to Varanasi,


It is whopping 25000+.  Don’t understand which fool wants to buy 18,000 miles at Rs. 25000 while the direct flight cost is 4300.

Yet this is not all. If a friend has 18000 miles which he wants to gift to you so that you can use it for your flight, he has to cough out 8200+ which is still higher than the original fare of 4317.

Overall it looks a highly misleading program to me. Even the debit card point conversion works out very low.  Only good thing about the program is that you can accumulate free miles when you travel in Jet Airways and you can earn miles whenever you write reviews in TripAdvisor etc. Apart from this purchasing Jet Miles is outright foolishness. I am surprised that they can do something like this.

However, for some international flights, JPMiles works out better than cash. For example, from Bangalore to Colombo, Jet Airways price is around 9000 rupees. But it requires only 6000 JPMiles. This is the only occasion where I found JPMiles are useful.


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